A Note on Some Pharmacological Terms in the Manuscript of the Dastūr al-Adviya

Document Type : Original Article


Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Yerevan


Ali-Ashraf Sadeghi, in an article entitled “New Words from the Old Language of Arran, Shirvan, and Azerbaijan”, after introducing a book on medical terminology called Dastūr al-adviya (Drugs Prescription), has extracted and studied words from the language of the people of these regions. He considers the prose of the book to belong to the 9th century AH. He also suggests that the author is perhaps from Sharvān, because he has frequently given Sharvānī equivalents of words in the book. While quoting words from Sharvānī, Bākū´ī, Baylaqānī, Sadeghi has also discussed words from the language of the Armenian people. In the present note, the author has brough up points about  بوش(būš), خناو [xnaw?] and کلال [klal?], based on Persian and Armenian botanical and pharmacological sources.